News | Cheshire Halloween Event – The Crocky Horror Show

Ever since moving to Cheshire and hearing about the Crocky Trail i’ve been obsessed with it, however, with a grown up daughter and no little nieces or nephews to grab for the day, i’ve still not been.  Whenever i’m bored or have a free weekend and the inevitable ‘what shall we do?’ question comes up, my immediate response is to clap my hands in glee and squeel “Crocky Trail!!” like a 3 year old.

Crocky Horror Show

Imagine then how fantastic it has been working with Mediaspin on marketing and SEO for the Crocky Trail – seriously my dream client and working on their new site is proving to be a fantastic project to be involved in, i’m like a little kid!

My latest focus has been in promoting their forthcoming Halloween event, dubbed The Crocky Horror Show.  The event starts on Friday 18th October at the Crocky Trail in Chester and runs until Saturday 2nd November with the final 2 Halloween events also benefiting from a fantastic firework display on both Friday 1st November and again on the last night, Saturday 2nd November.

I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween in Cheshire, now I just need to find some kids to drag along with me!  If you’d like to find out more about this event or for online booking which has just gone live you can visit the Crocky Horror Show website here.


NEWS | SEO Project Started for Asset and Land Recovery

Search engine optimisation is well and truly underway for a client i’m working with on behalf of Mediaspin.  The client, Asset and Land Recovery are demolition and land recovery specialists and had found that since the Google Penguin update back in May, that they were dropping down SERPs.

Having carried out a thorough website audit, i’m now working on delivering all the recommendations laid out in the plan and early signs are promising, with their domain Authority rising from 17 up to 21 in less than a month.

3 days after writing a new piece of content for the site covering a topic area the site was previously not ranking well in Google for, the new article resulted in a rank of number 1 in Google.

You can see more about Asset & Land Recovery and see their demolition services here.